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Thoughtful commentary about - and individual solutions for - the pressing problems of our planet. We cover creative self-reliance, green living, natural homes, healthy food and organic gardening, natural parenting and alternative education, sustainable economics, health and wellness, life-affirming leisure activities, and many other aspects of natural family and community living. This website presents over 500 free articles on those topics, and we are adding new articles on a regular basis.
climate change

No More Kicking Climate Change Down the Road - With just 12 years left to make unprecedented cuts in greenhouse gas emissions to stave off unimaginably catastrophic effects of runaway global warming, there are actions the American government can take.

dine out or dine in

Dine Out or Dine In? - Dining in can be healthier and more environmentally friendly than eating out, and it supports family togetherness in ways that are impossible when we dine out.

childs garden

A Child’s Garden is a Special Place to Grow - Helping a child grow a garden is a great way to teach respect and concern for Nature. Here are some ideas to help you, and them, get started.

save energy

Save Energy and Money While Living Sustainably and Healthily - Save energy and money using these twelve easy green living strategies that are also healthy and sustainable.


Tea Time! How to Forage for and Make Wild Herb Tea - Tips for foraging and gathering wild plants to make your own healthy, wild herb tea.


Soapnuts – An Inexpensive and Eco-Friendly Laundry Alternative - Soapnuts are a natural, relatively inexpensive and eco-friendly way to wash your laundry. Here are tips for purchasing and using them.

redefining work

Work: How We are Redefining it (and everything else in life) - Redefining work and money involves an examination of what’s important to us, how we educate ourselves, what sort of work we do, and what sort of world we want to live in.


Hiking: The Grass is Always Greener (if you leave it that way) - Hiking is a year-round, eco-friendly way to enjoy Nature and to stay fit ... if you remember to enjoy your surroundings while leaving them intact for future generations.

Non-Zen and Zen Ways to Face Death

Fearing the Future or Experiencing Today: Non-Zen and Zen Ways to Face Death - Contemplating the end of life is a time to consider our current existence. Here are Zen and non-Zen perspectives on death.

taboo on climate change talk

The Taboo on Talking Climate Change - Given the warning of scientists that the time window to prevent the worst effects of climate change is closing fast, what keeps us from openly discussing it?


Cohousing is Creating a Sustainable Housing Solution - The European concept of cohousing is becoming increasingly popular in North America as a way to build community and live sustainably.

kale and Swiss chard

Cooking with Deep Greens - Kale and Swiss Chard - Kale and Swiss chard are healthy vegetables. And yet, many people don’t know how to serve them, which means they’re doing without some powerful nutrients.


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